What do I need to bring with me?

The most important thing is to bring a copy of your cat’s up to date vaccination card or email a photo prior to boarding, and details of the flea and worm treatment and dates they were last administered. Please advise of any additional information you feel we should be aware of.

Payment for your cat’s stay must be made via the link emailed to you prior to drop off or by cash or debit card on the day you drop off.

Please bring your cat/s in a suitable cat carrier!

We will provide litter trays, bowls, bedding, scratching post, beds and toys. You are welcome to bring your cats toys and bedding to make their stay more comfortable.

You can bring food if you would prefer for your cat to stay on a particular diet or if your cat is eating prescription only food. Please bring enough for the duration of their stay. Alternatively we provide Felix/Whiskas and always have a good supply of Likelix and dreamies!

When you booked a selected time for drop off and collection. Please stick to these times as that is when we will be expecting you. If you are delayed please let us know. 

Do you offer grooming?

We enjoy brushing the cats (if they allow us to). We have our own brushes, however please bring your own brush if you would prefer us to use this.

If your cat prefers not to be groomed but enjoys cuddles and strokes – don’t worry they will get lots of those!

Do cats go outside?

No! For their safety, cats don’t leave their pen until their departure and all pens open directly onto a safety corridor, where doors are locked from the inside at both ends so there are no accidental escapees! All cats have the exclusive use of their luxury sized bedroom and exercise area with plenty of climbing shelves and comfy blankets. 

What is the youngest age I can board my kitten?

We are happy to accept kittens so long as their primary and secondary vaccinations and have been completed at least two weeks prior to their stay with us. They must be vaccinated against Feline Panleucopaenia Virus (FPV), Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV). 

What if my cat is on medication?

We can administer medication such as ear drops or oral medication at a charge of £1.50 per day. Please ensure you bring an adequate supply and details of doses and times for the medication to be taken.

What if my cat becomes ill whist staying at the cattery?

In the event your cat is taken ill, we will do our best to contact you. We have a local vets that we can use if we need, Highcroft Vets. Any costs incurred will either be charged to you by your vets or will be added to your boarding costs to be paid on collection. Wherever possible you will be contacted and kept informed of any treatment needed.

My cat has never used a cattery before. Will he be ok?

We treat each and every cat as the individual they are. Some will settle in easily but others may need a little more care and attention to help them to feel at home. We are more than happy to take the time to settle your feline friend and have a variety of toys, hiding holes and scratch posts to satisfy their every need. We do ask for a detailed description of your cat’s behaviour and personality so we can understand how to make them feel at home. Bringing blankets/toys/beds from home can really help them settle and we will stick to your feeding and grooming regime as closely as possible.

Do cats mix?

No! Never! Unless they are from the same family of course and are sharing a pen. There are strict rules and guidelines to ensure that cats from different families never share the same space  – this includes the safety corridor. Health and safety, infection control and your cat’s welfare is always our top priority.

Do you accept un-neutered males?

We accept un-neutered kittens up to the age of 1 but if they are older then no, we don’t, due to issues associated with un-neutered males and spraying.

Is the Cattery temperature controlled?

Yes! Each bedroom has wall electric heaters. On warmer days, all of the perspex panels lining the safety corridor are removed and there is a lovely flow of outside air. On colder days there is a panel heater in the sleeping area of each pen.